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I have been an officemate to Vivian for three years, two on-site, one virtually. We talk about families, food, travel, and work. We grew up four miles from each other (but decades apart). Thought I knew her. Yet, only recently I found out we had the exact same dream when we were 16: we both wanted to act on Broadway.

How did I not know this?

How did I find out?

I interviewed Vivian.

The changing workplace for writers and content designers has put many of us working remotely, monologuing in meetings, missing connections, isolated. …

Officemates are great. Mostly.

Some are forced onto you, others you seek out like a favorite mate for 4th grade PE class. Most I get along with. Many have given off vibes that improved my work — the feeding of ideas is a key for creativity. A few have even made me a better person. Several former officemates are still friends, others I will probably never hear from again.

I just lost my favorite officemate of the past year. Her name was Bella, and she was a mutt.

The pandemic has changed nearly everything. As we shut down the office…

A recent podcast of NPR’s All Music Considered took a rare detour into classical music. Tom Huizenga brought in a new recording of Polish composer Henryk Górecki’s Symphony №3, a haunting piece of strings and a single soprano voice. Recorded in obscurity in 1976 it became a huge hit in 20 years later in the UK, selling over a million copies and bringing many a listener to tears (Górecki’s source material is devastating, hence the subtitle: Symphony of Sorrowful Songs). The new recording is without a trained soprano (it’s Portishead singer Beth Gibbons) which gives it a less polished, more…

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It would be easy: turn a talk I’ve given into a series of articles. I haven’t scripted my talks (I know, I know), so to get them down “on paper” I could have then transcribed.

My talks, like my how-to videos, and most everything else, are pounded out as I talk to myself on long walks. Often with a dog or two. Then I usually just work with outlines. Paying a transcription service $20 for a 20-minute talk should an easy way to create 4 articles (I used…

Doug Thomas

Work at Microsoft with Learning & Video + Podcast teams. Former host/creator of Office Webinars & Office Casual videos. Ironic, since I use to review movies.

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